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We have now released our new EP “Revitalize”. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc. We appreciate the listens. We are really happy with how this release turned out! Special thanks to Jack Fricke at Hit or Miss Studios and Brent Gastrau for doing the recording and mixing. Another special thanks to Just Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering for doing the final master of the release.

For more content, check out the footage of our 3-song live session recorded at Hit or Miss Studios in Port Washington, WI on the Music page. Click below to see currently released music on Spotify.

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About The Panoptics

We are a 5-piece Milwaukee based band. We play everything from Reggae to blues to hip-hop. Writing and recording our own original music is our passion and something we do everyday. We can play weddings of any type and are ready to rock any event the world has to offer. Meet the band members below to see who does what.

Jacob Johnson:

Lead and rhythm guitar, alto saxophone, backing vocals

Yishay Levin:

Bass Guitar

Ben Plaisted:

Lead vocal, lead and rhythm guitar

David Purpura:

Drums and auxiliary percussion, backing vocal

Natan Steigman:

Keys, backing vocal