about the band

Hailing from the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Panoptics are a band that embodies the spirit of Midwestern charm with a sound that knows no bounds. Since 2018, this dynamic group has been gracing stages across the Milwaukee area with their unique blend of Roots Rock music.

Led by their eclectic songwriting repertoire, The Panoptics draw inspiration from a wide range of styles, creating a sound that is truly all their own. From heartfelt ballads to foot-stomping anthems, this band is constantly pushing the boundaries of their musical creativity.

The band currently consists of Ben Plaisted (lyricist, vocalist & rhythm guitarist), David Purpura (backing vocals and drums), Jacob Johnson (lead guitar and alto saxophone), Jack Fricke (bass guitarist) and Nate Scheurell (keyboardist and backing vocals). 

Whether they're performing at a local watering hole or recording new music in the studio, The Panoptics are a band that is always looking to grow and evolve. Keep an eye out for these guys on social media!